Name: Aitor Etxebarria 

Age: 31

Current city: Bilbao, Spain

City you were born in or raised: Guernica, Spain

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  • Tell us about growing up in Basque Country, Spain. What affect did it have on your music and career path? How did it influence you? I was born in Gernika in the summer of 1985 and now I live in Bilbao, which is actually is not so far from Gernika, about 30 minutes by car. I am aware that I live in a privileged area, where the mountains and the sea rub against each other, winters aren’t so strong and summers are extremely beautiful. It used to rain so much and back in the day, it was more grey—this may be one of the reasons why my music is so melancholy sometimes.

    At what age did you turn to music and when did you start composing, writing and playing professionally? I started studying music when I was a child and started composing my first drafts when I was 17. I feel that I started being a professional at the age of 23 or 24.

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